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Why Low Carbohydrate Diets are Correct and theUSDA Food Guide Pyramid is Wrong
Business Editors/Health & Medical Writers

GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 18, 2000--Whilecontroversy continues between low carb diet advocates and nutritionexperts, one physician claims to have found the answers we seek.

Board Certified Family Physician, Jan McBride, M.D., insists thatthe scientific evidence is already known and published in generalnutrition textbooks. "Doctors learn the basic biochemistry ofnutrition, but are never taught how to piece this information togetherto evaluate dietary content," she explains.

Her publication, "The IDEAL DIET for Human Health" does just that.The first chapter summarizes the scientific facts in simplified termsfor laypersons, while additional chapters delve into the detailedbiochemical processes to benefit physicians, nutritionists, and otherprofessionals. Also included are specific instructions and charts toassist individuals in obtaining and assessing correct nutrientamounts. The book is available for purchase on the website, and includes a free monthly newsletter thatprovides updates on scientific studies related to nutrition ingeneral, and the IDEAL DIET specifically. An online diet consultationis also offered.

Dr. McBride believes that the Food Guide Pyramid and nutritionexperts continue to promote incorrect recommendations that weredeveloped in response to the American diet that was already abnormalbecause of high carbohydrate use. "Scientific studies on dietary fat'seffect on cholesterol and cancer were performed on diets already highin carbohydrate," she explains, "and the solution has been in thedirection of reducing fat rather than reducing carbohydrate in thediet. Yet scientific evidence shows that a higher intake of fat,especially saturated fat, increases HDL ("good") cholesterol while alow carbohydrate intake decreases LDL ("bad") cholesterol."

Dr. McBride hopes her book will allow individuals to feel secureabout using a low carbohydrate diet that is scientifically correct anddesigned to avoid potential risks, which are described in detail. Shealso hopes physicians and other health professionals will utilize herpublication to educate themselves so they can provide correct dietaryinformation to patients, and that they will recognize the benefit ofusing the IDEAL DIET meal diaries to assess an individual's nutrientintake and recommend changes based on laboratory measurements ofcholesterol.

"Someday all physicians will recommend decreases in carbohydrateintake rather than fat intake for dietary treatment of highcholesterol," she predicts.

To view Table of Contents and Chapter 1 go to www.theidealdiet.comand select Press Kit at the bottom of home page. User name is GUESTand password is GUEST1.

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